The Center for Policing Equity

CPE Staff

The time for change has been, and always is, now. Will you join us?

GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to invest just a little more in making policing less racist, deadly, and omnipresent in Black communities.

As we turn 15, we’re taking stock of who we are and reflecting on where we’ve been, how we’ve grown, and what we’re looking forward to.

The ongoing work in St. Louis to co-create and implement evidence-based public safety solutions reflects community-led redesign efforts that could serve as a model for cities nationwide.

Whether scientific research is advanced is often a political question. That’s why values guide our work.

August was a bad month for Black people in the United States, each new development part and parcel of the systems designed, defended, and maintained to serve the demands of White supremacy.

The resurgence of the “soft on crime” narrative in 2024 political campaigns reflects the country's long-held ideas about public safety: Black people are the threat, and White people are the public deserving of safety. 

Efforts to excise Black contributions to U.S. history from our education, social discourse, and politics serve no purpose but to further the political careers of those seeking to privilege White supremacy.

At the rate that police kill people in this country, we can only name the barest minimum of the victims.

A survey conducted in late 2022 by Safer Cities Research provides strong evidence that voters are ready for change and understand the cost if we fail to make those changes.

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