Community Engagement

CPE offers, amplifies, and advocates for solutions that center the expertise, priorities, and safety of Black and Brown communities. Through our community engagement work, CPE is focused on undoing the impact of White Supremacy and placing power in the hands of those most impacted by inequitable public safety systems. 

We work collaboratively with vulnerable communities to provide partnerships, products, and services that support their advocacy efforts, reduce harm done to their communities, and empower them to redesign their public safety systems.


Unlocking Democracy is a community empowerment resource program and the central hub for CPE’s community-centered resources, initiatives, and interactive working groups. This program is designed to empower stakeholders seeking to build more equitable public safety systems.

This work is conducted through collaborative partnerships with values-aligned organizations that share CPE’s goal to uplift the efforts of vulnerable communities—particularly Black and Brown communities—in confronting racial disparities in policing.

Unlocking Democracy is a suite of community-centered resources rooted in the understanding that government should be of, by, and for the people as it rests on a foundation of shared responsibility, mutual trust, and bedrock safety. The program includes various learning communities, adaptive community resource hubs, and more.

Learning Communities

Communities are already exploring ways to redesign public safety, however, much of the dialogue, policy, and practice around these models is fairly new. In response, CPE and The Council of State Governments Justice Center are hosting a joint series of Learning Communities for Policing Alternatives

These virtual Learning Communities will assist interdisciplinary teams who are seeking to implement, sustain, and evaluate policing alternatives in one or more of the following four areas: Policing Alternatives to Traffic Safety, School-Based Diversion, Crisis Systems, and Community Violence Intervention.


Elected Leaders Council

Launched in partnership with The Council of State Governments Justice Center, the Elected Leaders Council is a peer-to-peer learning community for elected officials nationwide who are dedicated to spearheading innovative efforts to take actionable steps toward true public safety reform.

The Elected Leaders Council will bring together elected officials and staff members seeking to implement new approaches to public safety that minimize law enforcement responses in four key areas: Traffic Safety, Crisis Systems, Community Violence Intervention, and School-Based Diversion.


Substantial and effective change in our collective approach to public safety can only be driven by community voice.

Max Markham
Vice President of Policy and Community Engagement