COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J)

What is C4J?

The vision of COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J) is to help communities and their police agencies come together to create safer, healthier and more just communities. The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) exists to elevate the voices of Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other marginalized communities and to help police departments use data to hold themselves accountable not just for crime, but for the outcomes of police actions on the communities they serve.

To accomplish this mission, CPE works directly with police departments and communities to identify the drivers of racial disparities and to reimagine how policing services are delivered. To leverage change, we realize that racism is not simply a symptom of defective hearts and minds, but rather, racism is better understood as systems that drive biased behaviors and outcomes, and is best understood as concrete behaviors that can be observed, measured and monitored. 

Simply put - we leverage data and science, elevating community voices to help law enforcement agencies reduce, with the goal of eliminating, racial disparities, and, in the process to build community trust.

How does it work?

Through smart data collection and analysis, as well as ongoing thought partnership, C4J enables law enforcement agencies to identify contexts and conditions that create risk for biased behaviors to emerge. C4J designs data-informed strategies and recommendations to allow departments to make changes to policies and practices required to reduce the risk of biased outcomes. 

The initial analytic phase of C4J is called the Needs Assessment. This phase involves reviewing a variety of police and community data and policing practices, and ends with the development of a comprehensive plan to address root cause drivers of disparities in policing. The CPE team assists the agency with creating an internal implementation team who will be responsible for leading the change processes; and working with community partners to reimagine public safety. The CPE helps measure and monitor the outcomes of change efforts, ensuring the agency is creating measurable reductions in racial disparities. Upon successful implementation of the strategic plan, the CPE assists the agency with creating systems to measure and monitor for burdensome policing outcomes moving forward. 

How long does C4J take?

The objective of C4J is to help agencies and the communities they serve work together to find better ways to create safer, healthier and more just communities. Building trust and creating lasting change takes time! From initial engagement through project completion, we estimate that agencies and their communities will take approximately 3 - 5 years to complete the entire C4J process.

Are other stakeholders besides police forces involved in the C4J process?

The best solutions are driven by those who experience and are deeply familiar with the local environments and culture. Community engagement during C4J ensures community members have a seat at the table along with police and local government actors to reimagine how best to create healthier, safer, and more just communities. Community members will have the opportunity to provide input on their lived experiences which becomes valuable data for identifying burdensome policing practices and for measuring public safety outcomes. Each community’s engagement will be tailored to its unique needs and compositions, and C4J will devise multiple ways for engagement to take shape throughout its implementation.

Want to know more or get involved? 

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