NYPD Goes Beyond Stop and Frisk and Embraces a New Policing Approach

David Kennedy, co-chair of the National Network for Safer Communities at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a member of the CPLE board of directors, reports that the NYPD has begun piloting a series of direct outreach approaches in various communities to decrease violence and the need for broader measures like stop-and-frisk. Last year, Commissioner Raymond Kelly developed “Operation Crew Cut" in which the department identified crews and their street rivalries, moved resources into centralized units, and built new intelligence and tracking systems. The department also held neighborhood forums on its new programs and what it was learning. Since these projects have begun, both violence and stops are down. David Kennedy writes that this new approach to policing will be effective in further reducing the violence that still plagues some New York neighborhoods. To read more, go to: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/stop-and-frisk-article-1.1397584?pgno=1