What now?

The time to stand up for more fair and just policing is NOW. Want to get involved? Here's how.


1. Support the Federal Justice in Policing Act

Urge your senators to support the comprehensive reforms in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act by calling

(202) 224-3121 or emailing them with this link.


2. Strategize and Contribute to Progressive Policies and Procedures

Learn more about your local political landscape and assess and identify specific areas for improvement and reform in your local law enforcement agencies with the assistance of CPE’s Toolkit for Equitable Public Safety.


3. Advocate for Law Enforcement Agencies to Protect and Uphold the Constitutional Right to Peaceful Protest

Contact your mayor and advocate for the adoption of the principles and best practices outlined in the Center for Policing Equity’s Guiding Principles for Crowd Management


4. Follow and Support Campaigns for Advancing Policing Reform

CPE’s COMPSTAT for Justice Initiative

The Leadership Conference: The Policing Campaign

Leadership Conference Letter


5. Join Our Mailing List

Your support is critical as we work toward the police reform that’s needed NOW more than ever. Join our mailing list and stay informed on the Center for Policing Equity's work and how YOU can help. 

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6. Keep Checking Back!

We are continuously updating our site to bring you our most up-to-date research, resources and recommendations. Keep checking in and thanks for your continued support.