Anne Milgram

New York University School of Law

 Focused on reforming systems through smart data, analytics and technology, Anne Milgram has worked as a prosecutor, a state Attorney General, a philanthropy executive and an NYU law professor to transform the American criminal justice system. When she became Attorney General of the State of New Jersey in 2007, Milgram immediately oversaw the police department of the most dangerous city in America: Camden, New Jersey. She saw first-hand that the city was failing to do what matters most – keeping people in the community safe. Using data and analytics, Milgram began a deep transformation of the Police Department, ultimately reducing violent crime by more than 40% in one year. Her visionary leadership in Camden has created a new, nationally-recognized paradigm for law enforcement reform.

From transforming the Camden, New Jersey Police Department to building a national risk tool for courts and a law enforcement diversion tool for mental health and substance abuse, Milgram has worked to reform systems, cultures, and business practices to provide a stronger, more evidence-based approach to public safety. Through her work, Milgram has sought to leverage the best of the modern world – data, technology and analytics – to transform outdated systems and practices.

Building on her groundbreaking law enforcement reform work in Camden, Milgram is currently guiding the City of Indianapolis in an effort to build a new model for public safety.  This effort consists of three parts: a new, community-driven definition of public safety; a cross-sector roadmap to achieve that goal, which includes other government institutions such as housing, education, and health care; and a public data platform with these new metrics for safety, to drive funding and accountability.

Milgram has gone on to apply data, technology and analytics to many other challenges – from transforming public safety through police officers and prosecutors to combining health care and crime data sets to identify opportunities to reduce crime and unnecessary hospitalization.

Throughout all of her work, Milgram has led efforts to bring about a paradigm shift in how we think about innovation, the use of data and decision-making in government.

In addition to her work at NYU Law, Milgram is Special Counsel at Lowenstein Sandler and divides her time between the firm’s Tech Group and White Collar Criminal Defense practice. She applies long-standing prosecutorial experience involving highly sensitive matters to effectively counsel clients on a wide range of matters.